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About Us
The Tombstone Cleaner started when my mother asked me to find someone to clean  my Father’s bronze tombstone.I could not find anyone to do it. So I started doing lots of research on how to do it. Most of what I could find was about the stone tombstones, not the bronze headstone he had. After extensive research and e-mailing back and forth with companies that built them and others that cared for cemeteries, I did it myself.

My wife said why don’t you clean my parents and grandparent’s tombstones? Their tombstones were made of marble and the grandparents were made of granite.  I then did more for my cousin’s parents and grandparents then friend’s parents and grandparents.

My mother trusted me with my father’s tombstone and then my wife with her parents and grandparents. That led to cousins and friends trusting me with their love ones tombstone. You can trust me with your loved ones tombstones also.

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